About Hardwired Solutions

At Hardwired Solutions, our customers and their needs are the focus of everything that we do. We get to know you and your business on a personal level. We meet with you face-to-face and give answers to your questions in a straight-forward and professional manner. We walk you through the work we do, why we do it, and what you can do to work better and more efficiently.

Our prices are fair and far below those of leading competitors. Why? Because our customers deserve a fair price. We don't markup physical inventories or charge you more than the cost of an operating system to reinstall one. We just do what we expect other professionals to do for us: charge for the service that is provided and the expertise that comes with it. That's why we charge by the hour on nearly all of our services, only accept payment when a service is performed to satisfaction, and put limits on how long a service should take. So if we say it'll take an hour to perform a task, we only charge you for the time we stated and you won't charge more on that particular task -- even if it takes us longer.

As professionals in our field, we feel it's our duty to spread our knowledge to our clients. We'll happily advise our clients on what services or equipment they might need, even if it means that we won't make a dime by doing so. We feel that getting your problem resolved is more important to us than earning a buck. We're not afraid to tell you that we can't provide a particular service for you, so long as you're not afraid to ask. And if we can't provide a service for you, we'll help you find someone that can.

All that being said, we sincerely hope to be one of your valued service providers and look forward to building a relationship with you. If it has to work, it has to be Hardwired.

Jonathan Parsons