New Website Features for Our Clients

If you've been one of the lucky few who have recently been to our site... then I sincerely apologize for all of the virtual dust. Since the impromptu launch of the site, we've been busy loading it with content. We've adding the following to help bring some additional value to our site:

Resources: A section devoted to listing important tools, applications, and information that compliment the services we offer.

News: A section where we'll churn out information like this as well as tips and tricks for helping you maintain a healthy computer.

User Registration: A place for our clients to sign up for access to our site.

Standards Compliant Site: We've made some adjustments to our site to make it compliant with website standards. The end result is that you'll be able to view our site with just about any browser and see the same presentation of information.

In the near future we plan to have a special section of our site available to our clients where they can review their invoices, delivered documentation, scheduled appointments, and other neat features. We're looking into getting a SSL link for our site, so that when you log in to our site, your information will be safe and secure from would-be data predators.

We are are also looking forward to posting our policies and general service fees, as well as allowing you to pay for invoices online with your checking account or credit card via PayPal. We believe this will put in a unique position of letting you know what you'll be paying up front and offer you the convenience of the financing options you'll find at our competitor's sites.

Keep us in your daily website surfing rotation and help us get the word out -- we're open for business and support our valued clients.

Jonathan Parsons